Fire by Sebastian Junger

Fire by Sebastian Junger


Few writers have been to so many desperate corners of the globe as has Sebastian Junger; fewer still have provided such starkly memorable evocations of characters and events. From the murderous mechanics of the diamond trade in Sierra Leone, to an inferno forest fire burning out of control in the steep canyons of Idaho, to the logic of guerrilla warfare in Afghanistan and the forensics of genocide in Kosovo, this riveting collection of Junger’s nonfiction will take you places you wouldn’t dream of going to on your own.

"The main thing Brad Haugh remembers about his escape was the thunderous sound of his own heart. It was beating two hundred times a minute, and by the time he and the two smoke jumpers running behind him had crested a steep ridge in Colorado, everyone behind him was dead."


“Junger [is] a man with an appetite for the ragged edge of life and the ability to write about it with restrained power.”Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“[M]agnificently conceived, lovingly written, perfectly evocative of a place, a time, a passion.” – Beth Kephart, The Atlantic Monthly